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Hardware Products & Solutions
1 - HP Hardware Solutions
2 - HP Server Solutions
3 - HP Storage Solutions
4 - Tape Storage & Media Solution
5 - Backup Solutions
6 - High Availability Solutions
7 - Disaster Recovery Solution
8 - Citrix Solutions

1 - HP Hardware Solutions

Introduction to Hardware Solutions



Given our extensive knowledge of systems, we will look at your requirements and will take into account the volume of your daily transactions, the rate of growth of your databases, support and auxiliary users such as application support and controllers, the proposed number of sites with primary databases etc and will provide you with a hardware specification for your current and future needs.


Our staff are experienced and familiar with the generally used and most up to date hardware such as HP Servers (HP Integrity, HP Storage & HP 9000 etc) and will work with your company's infrastructure group to provide a solution which is relevant to your current and future needs.


Our affiliated Hardware Specialist Company KDCC can deliver virtually any hardware, accessories, upgrades and peripherals at the best available prices.


We take up Annual Maintenance Contracts for various organizations, large and small, and have been able to maintain more than 90% uptime and 100% satisfaction for our clients.



2 - HP Server Solutions

Small & Medium Business Server (SMB) Solution

HP SMB technology servers offer Integrity, HP 9000, Proliant and Blade Servers.

Key Features are:


·         Exceptional flexibility and expandability for growing businesses.

·         Superb for low-cost server consolidation.

·         High performance and availability.

·         HP Integrity Blade servers enable customer to run and consolidate mission critical applications in the flexible blade systems infrastructure.

·         Include 1 to 8 processors (depend upon business size).




Enterprise Servers Solutions

HP Enterprise servers offer Integrity superdome

Key Features are:


·          Outstanding high-end performance and availability.

·          Perfect for data-intensive workloads and consolidation.

·          Top scalability and virtualization for larger enterprise consolidation.

·          Enhanced scalability to more then 100 processors.

3 - HP Storage Solutions

Small & Medium Business Online Storage Solution

HP SMB Storage technology are Affordable and scaleable to grow with your needs, and flexible with the choice of FC, SAS, or iSCSI host connections.

 Key Features are:


·             Easily managed with powerful and intuitive set of management tools through a web-based or CLI interface.

·             Protect access to data through high availability features like redundant hardware components and optional snapshot and clone functionality.

·             Eliminate the need for more servers when you only need storage.

·             Modular design enables expansion from a few disks to the maximum drive count.

Enterprise Storage Solution

HP Enterprise storage offers powerful & bulletproof with virtualized storage technology.

Key Features are:


·         Reliable and available, based on the proven and trusted architecture of the Enterprise Virtual Array.

·         Bulletproof storage for 24x7 business continuity demands.

·         Massive consolidation for greater efficiency.

·         Virtualization platform for internal and external data.



4 - Tape Storage & Media Solution

Tape Storage & Media Solution

HP Tape Storage technology offers the best Streamlining the data protection process for businesses of all sizes. These include Entry level, Enterprise & Business Class MSL libraries with tape drive all industry standard Tape drives.

Key Features are:


·          Native library-based encryption with MSL Encryption Kit.

·          Expand MSL capacity with Library Extender – NEW.

·          Easy-to-use HP unique web-based remote management.

·          Direct-attach or over-the-network backup.

·          Choice of tape technologies.

·          More then 40 tape drives and more then 3500 slots with a choice of tape technologies.

·          Exceptional storage density approximately starting from 4.8 TB (2024) to more then 1400 TB.

·          Can be partitioned into multiple virtual tape libraries.

·          Available rack-mount and tower form factors.

·          Centralized encryption key management for HP enterprise tape libraries.

·          HP offers write-once and rewritable format optical disks designed for easy data access and permanent data storage that can't be altered or erased.

·          Reliable disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection.

·          Online access to data to recover files within minutes.



5 - Backup Solutions

Why Data Backup Software Solution?

As computers play a bigger role in our lives, the information we store on them becomes increasingly important. For small businesses, data loss can be disastrous; for home computers, it can be heart-breaking.

Most of us know how important it is to backup files, but don't know how to begin. Today's backup software makes protecting your data easier and more convenient than ever before giving you the tools to perform backups how, where and when your needs require.

But, as with our backup software offering, the data backup choices are as diverse as the people who use them. Choosing the right backup program can be complex and confusing-that's where we can help.

We are offering you the best from small to enterprise backup software’s solution as:


·          HP Data Protector.

·          Symantec Backup Exec.

·          EMC Legato.




Facts & Features

·          If you have important documents, e-mail, or digital pictures on your computer, you may want to secure this important data by creating backup copies of your files on a regular basis.

·          If you want backup operation to be quick, easy, and fully automatic.

·          If you have nothing important on your computer, but still want to be able to restore the entire system, along with all the installed programs, games, and any settings - in case of a computer crash.

·          Data backup software is developed to make backup task is much easier.

·          The program also has automatics backup function which performs data backup based on schedule by hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and the time can be specific.

·          The software allows user to backup and restore data easily.

·          The software includes LAN and SAN based faster backup & restore.

·          The backup software will also capable to take online backup of critical application like Oracle, DB2, SAP etc.

6 - High Availability Solutions

High Availability Solutions

High Availability, or HA, is the term associated with computer systems which exhibit almost no downtime.

Functions and capabilities for HA System:


·          Redundant hardware and software components.

·          Methods for storing information about the components and their relationships.

·          Methods for managing faults, from detection through recovery and repair.

·          Methods for replacing and upgrading components and updating the stored information.

·          Dynamic reconfiguration of the system


We are offering the HA Systems for the following:


·          HP-UX & Linux (using HP Service Guard).

·          Microsoft (using MS-Cluster).

·          Oracle RAC.

·          MS SQL Server HA System.

·          Tru64 UNIX (using TRU Cluster).



7 - Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery Solution


HP ranked as a global leader in providing disaster recovery services in a recently issued Forrester Research Wave Brief. HP delivers a full range of offerings, including business continuity solutions; highly available IT infrastructure and services; data protection and recovery solutions, security and disaster tolerance solutions


·          HP offers Business Continuity (BC) and Continuous Access (CA) with Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA).

·          HP LeftHand SAN provides built-in high availability and disaster recovery features.

·          HP LeftHand iSCSI SAN solutions can help.

·          Eliminate storage bottlenecks associated with a virtualized server environment.

·          Enable simple high availability and disaster recovery.

·          Reduce costs as you boost storage efficiencies.

8 - Citrix Solutions

Citrix Solutions are a Windows® application delivery system that manages applications in the datacenter and delivers them as an on-demand service to users anywhere using any device with very low network connectivity.

KDCC being partner with citrix as many years and have been implemented many business critical projects can delivery best of the application delivery services.

What is Citrix Server?

Citrix WinFrame and Citrix MetaFrame are the fastest and easiest Windows NT application server solutions on the market for delivering Windows applications to all desktops, including PCs, Apple Macintosh computers, X terminals, and UNIX workstations. Citrix server software usually runs on a high-performance Pentium PC, and a single-processor Citrix server will typically support up to more than 10 simultaneous client connections.


How it Communicate?

The Citrix server communicates with the ICA Client for UNIX over a standard TCP/IP network connection, and supports most types of network connection including Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and communication over the Internet.

What is ICA Protocol?

The key to the high performance achieved by the Citrix Server and ICA Client is the advanced Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol used to transmit the display, keyboard, and mouse data between them.

The ICA protocol has been specially designed for transmitting Windows graphical display data, and keyboard and mouse input, over a network connection. On average it consumes only 20 Kbaud of bandwidth, and so achieves impressive performance even over low-bandwidth connections such as dial-up connections.

The key features of the ICA protocol that help to achieve the high performance are:


·          Intelligent command and object-specific compression.

·          Intelligent caching of Windows objects including bitmaps, brushes, glyphs, and pointers.

·          Run length encoding.


The ICA protocol is designed to be client independent, and so ICA Clients run equally efficiently on Macintosh, UNIX, or PC computers.


AVTECH, a private corporation since 1988, is the leading developer and provider of real-time IT environment monitoring solutions for computer rooms, data centers and other facilities. AVTECH's unique combination of hardware and software offers powerful monitoring, alerting and automatic corrective action capabilities that have made their products popular for use in over 104 countries.

Environment monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and other facilities has become a critical part of 'Disaster Prevention' for professional managers everywhere. The reason is that a typical IT infrastructure supports the entire organization. Without continued operation of IT resources, an organization may have no access to information, databases, email or the internet. Even worse, an organization may appear 'out of business', 'unstable' or simply 'irrelevant'. During downtime, ongoing costs continue to accrue while more and more profits are lost. Thankfully, there are easy, inexpensive and proven solutions available to prevent environment caused disasters. Protect Your IT Facility... Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!


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