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KDCC can help you prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your implementation of these advanced technologies.

·          Core Network Services (LAN/WAN) - Enable a WAN/LAN topography most optimized for the business with end-to-end services for LAN and WAN, including designing, implementing, and supporting core networks consisting of routers and switches.

·          IP Telephony - Reduce redundant costs, increase staff productivity and gain communications flexibility while NCR supports this technology to simplify your information network.

·          Wireless LAN – Implement secure wireless LAN connections allow branches to flexibly manage traffic flow with mobile wireless tellers, workstations and kiosks, and allow branch staff to efficiently connect to the network.

·          Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Cost-effectively create an alternative to the traditional, dedicated network and make the transition to a secure networking environment.

·          Digital Media Systems - Influence buying behavior, improve the buying experience and provide relevant information at the right time to the right audience.

·          Network Optimization – implements WAN optimization services and maximization using the best of bread technology in the market

·          E Delivery - Providing Fax solutions integrated with IP Telephony solutions for corporate and offices

·          Network Management - Providing Network Management solutions with fully monitoring capabilities

·          Network Maintenance and operation – providing network maintenance service and SLA to support continuous network operation.








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