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When businesses need expertise or skills that they don't have within their organization, they often turn to outsourcing to solve their problems. Outsourcing means just what it says -- going "out" to find the "source" of what you need. These days many businesses outsource for what they have to serve their customers.


Outsourcing refers to the concept of handing over specific operational areas of an organization to an outside firm or firms. This means the transfer of ownership of a business process by an organization to the supplier of that process where the client puts forward the requirements to the supplier and authorizes him to own, operate, or redesign the underlying processes. This entire cycle ensures greater cost and efficiency benefits for the client. In short, the client is interested in the end product or the solution and the provider or the supplier takes care of the intermediate processes.


IT outsourcing can be a value enhancer, helping organizations:


·          Concentrate on the core business operations, Successful businesses focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.

·          Gain additional momentum in providing quality services by leveraging the framework provided, Companies get better service and better value.

·          Lower total cost of ownership, sustaining an internal IT department is costly and requires expert management


It is important to differentiate between Outsourcing and Managed Services. Outsourcing is about taking on a full function or multiple service lines for customers and delivering them back on a Service Level Agreements basis, it is more of a strategic partnership and tends to last for seven to 10 years. Managed Services, on the other hand, tends to consist of more tactical point solutions, dealing with single lines of infrastructure service such as storage or application hosting. They are more transactional in nature, and contracts are generally shorter, lasting between three and five years. In effect, Managed Services are a non-invasive approach offering the cost and skill advantages of outsourcing while enabling you to retain control.


Scope of outsourcing:

IT development & services is a highly technical job where companies or organizations need skilled manpower, expensive infrastructure, and sufficient time for in-house development, which for companies with core areas of operation other than IT may be cumbersome. In such cases KDCC outsourcing offering considers the following main points when creating and delivering strategic IT outsourcing solutions:


·          IT life cycle management

Total support from planning to operation

·          IT infrastructure

Variety of infrastructure (Servers, networks, software solutions)

·          Operation / maintenance

Support for entire process from monitoring to continual operations improvements


KDCC conducts detailed analyses on each of these areas while bearing in mind customer IT strategy, requirements of system performance, back-up / recovery timing, etc.


Our experienced engineers cater to your needs to provide a comprehensive IT outsourcing solution spanning the breadth of the entire IT management lifecycle.








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