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KDCC aims always to deliver best in class services.  To do this one of the very important point is to provide instant and easy access to our support team. This is being done through our helpdesk service which is reachable via Telephone, Fax, Email or Website twenty-four-by-seven every day of calendar. 


Our helpdesk staff is technically trained. On duty staff having technical knowledge and access to support tools may solve the problem just upon first call. Our helpdesk is backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, tools and equipment with which our staff is able to handle calls quickly and with increased efficiency. In addition, the call center is directly linked to higher levels of support and management levels, ensuring that time to resolution are minimized.


Call logging procedure


Customer can contact us around the clock on any day of the year.

 Helpdesk contact

Tele Phone







Provide us with the following basic information:

·         Your name, phone number, extension and your E-mail Address

·         Serial number of the equipment (in case of hardware problem)

·         Brief, 2-3 line description of the problem

On duty staff will provide Case ID; you may use this case ID reference for any follow up required.


Call Handling Process

·         Customers call KDCC helpdesk, reporting problem.

·         Helpdesk staff registers the support request in helpdesk system and provide Case ID to customer.

·         Helpdesk Staff will attempt to solve the problem if call couldn’t get solve then the call will be forwarded to 2nd level concerned support specialist (Hardware, Network, Software).

·         The 2nd level support specialist will Attempt to resolve the problem if possible over the phone, by

·         If needed support specialist will visit the customer site and possibly resolve the problem which may include but not limited to spare replacement, Patches deployment, Performance tuning, logs collection and analysis etc.

·         The call tracking system will be updated accordingly at this stage and any stage following.

·         If the fault cannot be identified or a design problem is suspected, the call is escalated to a 3rd level which is manufactures’ support.

·         2nd level engineer will remain the focal contact point with customer and work closely with the manufactures’ team till the issue is being fixed.

·         Once problem is solved, 2nd level engineer will provide a technical report to customer which is needed to be signed by customer.


Support Level


Work done by

Support Level 1

This is the first level of support. The function at this level is to define and identify the problem and resolve it by offering known solutions.

Helpdesk on duty staff

Support Level 2

This is the next level of support. This level provides problem verification, detailed analysis, and resolution of the problem by offering known solutions. By a very specialized support engineer

KDCC Support specialist.


Support Level 3

This highest level of support provides problem isolation, additional analysis, temporary workarounds, temporary fixes, and final fixes based on research and testing by manufactures’.

Manufactures’ support may have further internal support level.



At any given time if customer is not satisfied from the service being provided by the support personnel, KDCC Management team can be contacted. Please go to “contact us” and submit your complain, if you are a registered customer with KDCC please login to our helpdesk where you can access and fill-in the customer survey report. KDCC Management is committed to provide the best possible support



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