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KDCC is a highly streamlined organization able to stay ahead of the latest advances in technology - and to quickly integrate reliable solutions based upon those advances. This is key for clients who count on technology for a competitive advantage. Our achievements are proven means for architecting, testing, and implementing complex solutions quickly and with confidence. ISO 9002 certified, we are guided by an overriding commitment to delivering quality and value in everything we do.


KDCC core competencies include defining, designing and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help companies win in this competitive world. KDCC also provides a complete range of services to various verticals like Government, Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, oil, Healthcare and Education by leveraging our technology, domain and business expertise, high quality customer support and strategic alliances with leading global technology providers.


At KDCC, we deliver and support advanced information technology solutions that answer the most demanding, mission-critical challenges facing enterprises today. KDCC is recognized as a leading company with a reputation for timely and dependable delivery of practical solutions that work - and a track record of more than thirty years to back it up.


 KDCC Operational Value

Our Operational Values guide our behavior. They promote overall consistency in the way we deal with our clients, our staff, and the communities in which we operate. These values provide the context for decision-making in all situations.


Committed to Clients

Over the years, KDCC has forged successful, lasting relationships with major corporations that understand the strategic value of technology. These organizations count on us for the know-how and practical, scalable solutions we deliver. They come back to us for the dependability and integrity we bring to the table. And they appreciate the fact that our interest lies in building relationships rather than merely winning orders.


Commitment to Staff

We identify and make long-term commitments to our employees. Our actions are guided by the desire to contribute to the success of their careers. We create a working environment that attracts and retains first class people and we provide sustained investment in the development of their careers. We enable all staff to participate in the success of the company.


Service Excellence

We develop and maintain high standards of service and product delivery. We strive as individuals and as teams for high levels of productivity, performance and industry excellence.


Managed Growth

The information technology industry is expanding rapidly. We believe in managed the growth of KDCC in order to generate the financial resources needed to remain competitive.


Partnering with Technology Leaders

Technology vendors are part of every solution KDCC develops and deploys. As a result, we have always stayed close to the marketplace and maintained strong formal and informal partnerships with leading technology vendors and suppliers - all to ensure our clients benefit from the newest and best technologies available.


Looking ahead, KDCC is set on the road to move forward with a clear vision, a sound and consistent strategy, financial strength and an unwavering focus on serving the customers with pioneering state-of-the-art solutions, by the fusion of a stable technology, qualified experts, quality services and long term commitment that exceed expectations

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