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Kuwaiti Digital Computer Company (KDCC) is a well established Kuwaiti company with a strong financial standing on the Kuwaiti market. It is one of the leading local, private sector Companies, it specializes in the field of computer hardware, software Networks and associated services.


KDCC was formed in 1978 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company, with capital of more than KD 3 Million, with the aim of establishing a national company that is committed to providing top- quality product and services at competitive prices in Kuwait market.


Since its operations, KDCC has a reputation for quality technical support in carrying out its services to its customers. KDCC has highly qualified staff of first rate professional standing including Qualified Engineering status and product certification with internationally recognized accreditation. This is the part of the standards to which KDCC commits as a partner to a company like HP, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle.


KDCC has invested heavily in the implementation of full technical support services for all marketed products utilizing help desk and call center for communication with its customers. The company enjoys a fine reputation amongst its many prestigious clients in Kuwait.


KDCC has grown into a profitable multimillion dollar turnover company employing over 120 senior specialists in IT industry, thus guaranteeing high customer services at all levels of computerization. As a leading Solution Provider, KDCC specializes in Hardware infrastructure, Network infrastructure, Software Solution.


Our strength lies in our extensive experience with the entire projects life cycle, from planning and analysis to development and quality control to installation and long term operational support.

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